GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages generates and hosts websites for your projects directly from GitHub repository.

Table of Contents

Add custom domain with

This site was hosted on GitHub Pages and its custom domain was added thru

  1. Turn on GitHub Page at<username>/<project>/settings
  2. Add custom domain, i.e. and save
    • There should be warning about errors with your hosting by now
  3. Login to<domain>#dns
  4. Add apex domain with an ANAME record:
    1. Leave 'host' blank for wildcard
    2. Answer with <username>
  5. Add www subdomain with a CNAME record:
    1. Set 'host' with 'www'
    2. Answer with <username>
  6. Wait for few minutes, run dig <username> +noall +answer then dig <apexdomain> +noall +answer
    • Compare the results, they should be the same
  7. Browse both apex domain and www subdomain, it should end up at the www subdomain (because it's set as the GitHub Pages settings) and loads the site