General practices when traveling to places.

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Things to note when traveling in Tokyo on February (end of winter)

  1. It is still cold.
    • Especially if you're used to warmer climate, e.g. Singapore, Malaysia.
    • The average temperature is below 10 degree Celsius - which is bearable, until the wind blows
    • It may rain a little, check the weather forecast.
  2. Wear a comfortable/light jacket with heat-tech clothes.
    • You don't need many layers of clothes, because it will be hot in-door (train/bus/taxi/mall) and it's inconvenient to de-layer (and you don't want to get sweaty).
    • The combination of Uniqlo HeatTech inner shirt, pants, any comfortable t-shirt, long jeans, and a ultra light down jacket is perfect.
    • Get a jacket with hood, that can substitute an umbrella.
    • You can prepare 2-3 sets of clothes and buy the rest in Japan's Uniqlo stores. They're available at lots of places and it's cheaper with end-season sales.
  3. Just wash your clothes in coin laundries.
    • It should be available in most apartments, especially if you're using AirBnB.
  4. Buy and use stick-on heat packs.
    • They're quite cheap and available in most of the pharmacies.
    • You can stick a piece on to your feet, waist or any areas that you're vulnerable to cold.
  5. Buy and use lipgloss.
    • It'll be okay without a lipgloss on the first 2 days, but you'll start feeling miserable after that.